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Kris Olin, author of the Facebook Advertising GuideHello! My name is Kris Olin and I'm a Web Designer with a Masters Degree in Marketing.

I am specialized in Web 2.0, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Advertising and Internet Promotion Strategies. I also consult with companies on their online marketing and I have written this book on the left, called the Facebook Advertising Guide.

I have a masters degree in marketing, MSc (Econ) from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration and I have studied design and advertising at the University of Columbia, U.S.A. I am currently living in Australia with my family.

I hope you will benefit from my Facebook Advertising Guide. Actually, I'm pretty sure you will...

Best Regards,

Kris Olin MSc (econ.)

Kris Olin
MSc (econ.)

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